Welcome to my site !

Come on and visit any of its pages. You'll find music I composed & played through the years, alone or with my Jazz and ethnic-jazz group "Physis Orchestra".

Music from my "Neptune Wave Project", an open project with many artistic collaborations aiming at electronic ambient vocal trance music.

"My soundtracks" page with music I created for films dating back to 1980 through to the present.

A special Organ page with special sets awaits the fans of
jOrgan and GrandOrgue, but also instruments for SampleTank, UVI, Shortcircuit, Kontakt and sfz too !
Some special made VSTi reside in "Instruments" page.

A modest contribution of mine to the organ music of great composers in the form of virtual pipe organ performance you can find in the "Organ Music" page.
Feel free to leave your comments or contact me anytime.

                                                           Enjoy your stay and have fun !

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