Neptune Wave is an open musical project owned by Panos K. Ghekas aiming at electronic ambient vocal trance dream music, started in 2006 in Athens.
Collaborations are done mainly with singers rather than other performers.
Widely known are tracks featuring British super vocalist
                          (see the light).
The project is highly active and watch here for  news.
Neptune Wave appears on
Easy Summer Label and Plusquam Records Chillout.
This page and all linked to, contain music composed, performed and produced by Panos K. Ghekas.
Where collaborations are done, this is noted accordingly, as are the performers and soloists involved in these projects.
Though some files are free to download , they are strictly for personal home use only.
For any other use must contact, please.
All rights reserved, (c) 1979 to present, Panos K. Ghekas, AEPI Greece member.
Jazz and Ethnic-Jazz band created and formated by Panos K. Ghekas in 1979. Many talented musicians participated over the years from all over the world. Main residence was and still is Athens, Greece.
Many productions but never signed with a certain label. All Physis Orchestra projects presented live and recorded in the studio, produced by Panos K. Ghekas. Today the band is less active than in the past but still available for any given opportunity to go for a live performance.and a studio session.
Present members are meeting periodically for practicing new ideas and forms.
Keep an eye here for news !
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Neptune  Wave
Physis Orchestra
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